A day at Hagley

We would like to express our sincere appreciation for the wonderful excursion students from our School could experience recently.

When we got together as a team and reviewed the excursion, we commented on the following:

how well the excursion supported our history learning centred round community and change

  • the butter making experience and how this was a perfect lead in to the other activities
  • the way the staff presented the information – the style and content was perfectly pitched to our students
  • the students were always actively engaged in each activity
  • the highlight for many students was the olde classroom.

We have been able to conduct a lot of additional activities based on the excursion, including illustrations, recount writing, quilt making of favourite events and reenacting the olde classroom.

Please pass on our sincere thanks to all the staff involved in our excursion. We will be back again.


Volunteering at Hagley

My name is Floriane Gilliand and I come from the French part of the Switzerland. I have been in Australia since February and I stay until July. I came to Australia with an exchange student’s organisation that’s called AFS International Programs. This organisation looked for a working placement for me and found Hagley Farm School in Tasmania! I work with animals so I’m actually not working in the school with the children but I’m on the farm with Chris, Lou and Anthony.

Every morning I feed the different animals; ducks, goats, donkeys, deer, pigs, alpacas and a little calf, Mimi, which is my favourite. I like spending time with her and teaching her to be on a lead. Nine piglets were also born in May and I like watching them running everywhere and annoying each other. They are funny little animals! Every afternoon I collect the eggs with some children of Hagley and then I pack them. I really enjoy this routine. I enjoy working outside when the sun is out, but I expected that sometimes I would be working in the cold and rainy weather. I just wear a pair of gumboots, a bonnet and many jumpers and then I’m good!

Visiting children sometimes come from other schools to learn about the farm and the historical part of Hagley Farm School. I have had to speak about the wool and spinning wheel to them twice. I learned a lot of things so far about how to make butter and candles. I also helped to milk the cows and another time I saw how they sheared the sheep. I gained a lot of experience and I’m so thankful for that!

Another AFS Student is also working at Hagley. She’s from Germany and her name is Simone. She’s in the classrooms most of the time but we see each other during the recess and lunchtime breaks. I really enjoyed that she was there with me. We became really good friends and we certainly will keep in touch after our stay in Tasmania. I like my experience in Hagley! Everyone is friendly and it’s a good atmosphere around the school. It’s always a pleasure to wake up in the morning to come to Hagley!

Floriane Gilliand – Exchange student from Switzerland