With over 150 years of history on the school site Hagley is able to provide an authentic and engaging insight into the lives of early settlers in Tasmania. Strong links to the History Curriculum include exploring: differences between past and present, change in family structures and lives over time, the impact of changing technology and changes in the landscape from the Aboriginal people to the present.

Olde Classroom

The original classroom was built at Hagley in 1865. Using role-play, the children will experience a lesson taken in the ‘olde style’ and will have the opportunity to write with pen and ink.

Home Life Museum

In this museum students will discover numerous household items from previous eras. Some of the practical activities may include using washboards, a mangle and flat irons, grinding wheat to make flour, dressing up and role plays.

Agricultural Museum

Machinery, tools and implements used in the district years ago are handled by the children. Ipads are available to show some of these implements in action. Technological progress is investigated.

Cottage Industries

Each student participates in bread, butter and candle making. They will also investigate how wool is turned into garments (additional fees apply).

St Mary’s Church

This beautiful old church with its English gardens and grave yard is within walking distance and offers a fascinating glimpse into the past.